What is the Miracle League of Westchester?

The Miracle League of Westchester is a league for special needs
children and adults that enables them to play baseball at a specially-
designed field. The Miracle Field was built in 2006
through an initiative from County Executive Andy Spano and
the County Board of Legislators. The Miracle League was
founded in Conyers, Georgia in 1997, and since then Miracle
Leagues have been started all over the United States. The
Westchester League, founded in late 2005, is the first in New
York State. The league is a fully accredited non-profit 501c(3)
What is a Miracle League Buddy?
Buddies are a vital part of the success of the Miracle League.
Each Miracle League player is assigned a buddy for each game.
The buddy is there to protect the player from balls, assist the
player in batting and running the bases, and to be a friend on
and off the field. Buddies receive a Miracle League shirt for
their participation, and can also earn credit for service hour
requirements for school programs, church and temple groups,
and other community organizations.
Once you participate, you see that being a buddy allows you not
only to make a difference in a special child’s life, but also to
create a positive awareness in yourself. And you’ll find that
being a buddy is lots of fun!
Who is eligible to be a Buddy?
Buddies are children (ages ten and up) and adults who typically
play or enjoy baseball and softball—or just like to have fun in a
sprit of giving. They come to the Miracle League from the Boy
Scouts and Girls Scouts, local youth leagues, high school teams,
college teams and through religious youth groups, to mention a
few. The siblings, parents, relatives, and friends of players can
also be their buddies.



How do I become a Buddy?
Buddy registration is held year-round. You can fill out the
attached registration form. You can also download registration
forms at under the Volunteers section of the site.
What is the idea behind the Buddy Program?
Being a buddy allows parents, children and volunteers to come
together to help special needs children. The Buddy Program has
great impact on all participants. Buddies and players alike learn
valuable skills like patience, understanding and compassion.

What is required to be a buddy?
Buddies should be energetic, committed and enthusiastic for each
game. Although we don’t require it, we encourage buddies to
keep a consistent schedule, allowing for Miracle League players
to grow more comfortable with their new friends.
Do I stay with the same player all season?
Depending on their availability, buddies are assigned to the same
child or team for the whole season. However, we also welcome
buddies who may not have assigned players, but who cover where

Is their special training involved?
Yes, each buddy is required to complete a basic skills training
course. This “sensitivity” training provides guidelines, suggestions,
and direction on how to have fun and make the experience
safe and enjoyable for our Miracle League children.

What is expected of me on game days?
Buddies are expected to arrive at games fifteen minutes before the
start of the game and to notify the Miracle League Buddy coordinator
at least twenty-four hours prior to the game if they will not
be able to make the game. Most important, be ready to have a
good time with your Miracle League player.



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